About Us

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
19 S. Fifth Street
Perkasie, PA  18944

Trinity Lutheran Church in Perkasie, founded in 1892, has watched the town blossom and grow around it from the same location for over 100 years. The first cornerstone was laid in 1892. In 1907 when a new Sanctuary was being built, it was on the site of the original building which had been moved to an adjoining lot.

From its earliest days, the congregation of Trinity has worked to provide strong music and education programs. The building has expanded many times to provide more worship and education space. Aside from what has been offered in-house, the generations before us laid a path for community involvement, both in Perkasie and in our region.

Over 100 years in one location leaves a history long and detailed. To best sum up where those behind us have led us and where we hope to be going, the text to one of our hymns, “All Are Welcome,” comes to mind:

Let us build a house where love can dwell and all can safely live,
a place where saints and children tell how hearts learn to forgive.
Built of hopes and dreams and visions, rock of faith and vault of grace;
here the love of Christ shall end divisions: All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place.
– Marty Haugen, ELW #641

CHURCH COUNCIL                                                                                                      

Kathy Guelzow, President

Ron Smith, Vice-President

Linda Beach, Secretary

Brett Bauz

Linda Beach

Alan Bruzas

Brian Landes

Dan Macfarlan

Chrissy Rickert

Fred Slemmer

Nicole Whalen

Sarah Eells, Youth representative

Larry Bachtell, Treasurer

Kim Bruzas, Financial Secretary


Melissa Smith, Office Administrator (trinityperkasie@verizon.net) 215-257-6801, ext. 100

The Rev. Dr. Jennifer L. Phelps, Pastor (pastorjphelps@gmail.com) ext. 103

Debra Detweiler, Deacon (debradetweiler@gmail.com) ext. 102

Andrew Lutz-Long, Director of Music Ministries (along2214@gmail.com) ext. 104

Rosi McCalley, Director of TLC Child Care Center (tlcchildcarecenter1@gmail.com) 215-257-6636

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